Education Commission

The Education Commission assists, promotes and supports parishioners in understanding that the entire parish communion has responsibility for participating in the evangelization and teaching mission of Jesus entrusted to the Church. The commission’s responsibilities include developing, promoting and evaluating programs that address all aspects of education and evangelization in cooperation with Archdiocesan and parish staffs. The Education Commission is responsible for seeing that the parish communion’s teaching mission is addressed in ways that assist each individual to grow in faith throughout his or her life. Through its committees, the commission determines programs that promote and support total parish education and formation. The commission supports the parish professional staff in working toward that goal. The Education Commission consists of the following committees that help put into effect the parish vision for education: Adult Faith Formation, St. Hugo Catholic School & PTG, Family Ministry, Catechetics, Youth Ministry, Families for Vocation, and the i.d.9:16 - Young Adult Group.

Education Commission and Committee Membership List


Parish Staff

Sr. Barbara Rund, OP Pastoral Associate - Staff Liaison
Rev. Tim Wezner Associate Pastor
Mrs. Barbara Bacci-Yugovich Parish Catechetical Leader
Mr. Daniel Timmis Assistance School Principal
Mr. Jonathan Napper Youth Minister


Michelle Riesgo 2017 Chairperson
Barbara Hackel Vice-Chariperson
Allison Mayette  
Nancy Jo Brown  
Barbara Celentino  
Frank King  
Laurie McIntee Evangelization Committee Representative
Heather Peres de Silva Families for Vocations Chair
Mary Pappas Catechetics Chair
Anita Qonja  
Mary Sanders  
Joann Walle  
Mary Ellen Weber Adult Faith Formation Chair




The Education Commission will develop, promote and evaluate faith formation programs with the understanding that through baptism we are all called to grow in our faith throughout life.

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