Stewardship Commission

The Stewardship Commission is concerned with the promotion of Christian stewardship as a way of life and how living out our call to discipleship in service to the Church and her members provides a living example by which the spirit of evangelization is witnessed.


Stewardship Commission & Committee Membership List


Parish Staff

Msgr. Anthony M. Tocco Pastor
Mr. Christopher Kozlowski Parish Business Manager - Staff Liaison


Michael Miller 2018 Chairperson, Education Chairperson
Maria Hewson Vice-Chairperson, Development Chairperson0
TBD Secretary
Cindy Graham Evangelization Committee Representative
Nancy Huber  
Faye Caballero  
Marlene Mansour  
Caron McCracken  






Stewardship Commission and Committees:
The Stewardship Commission will encourage participation in stewardship and call upon parishioners to share their time, talent, and treasure.

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Notes from the Stewardship Commission, February, 2017

Elements of a relatively high level of stewardship are alive and well at St. Hugo of the Hills Parish. At the Volunteer Appreciation Mass for the St. Hugo volunteers of 2016 Monsignor Tony announced that over the last year 700 parishioners engaged in our volunteer projects.

St. Hugo has 5,050 (official estimate as of 01.26.17) adult members of the parish and there are 700 folks who regularly volunteer. Therefore, St. Hugo has a 13.86% participation rate for those giving their time and talent on the projects that “make our parish the parish we want it to be “ (Stewardship Prayer).  According to the 80-20 Rule any participation rate in any project would be estimated at roughly 20%. But given the parish data collected by Matthew Kelly, and cited in his book, The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, only …”6.4 [%] of registered parishioners contribute 80 [%] of the volunteer hours in a parish.” (p.12). That means St. Hugo is volunteering 2.17 times more than the average of the parishes in Mr. Kelly’s study.

Mr. Kelly focuses in his book on how to increase that number (he rounds it up to 7% “highly engaged parishioners” (p.13) after averaging all aspects of stewardship including, time, talent and treasure), parish by parish, across the nation, by 1%.

As can be readily seen, St. Hugo surpasses Kelly’s parish norm more than twice over. So, kudos to our volunteers and we surely thank them for their time and the application of their talent. St. Hugo is an exemplary parish with amazing talent. But in reviewing those numbers there is still work to be done.

Thus, the challenge is put forth: Is 20% the participation rate for which our very exemplary parish should pray? Perhaps, as Monsignor Tony likes to say, we should shoot for a participation rate of 100%, no matter how large or small the individual contribution over the year.

In sum, whatever we decide as parishioners we certainly cite the great work of our volunteers over past years, and most recently, 2016. The parish thanks you for your good stewardship: your time and your talent. But as we all know there is never a time for resting on laurels!

Caron F. McCracken ~ Stewardship Commission Member

Ref: Kelly, Matthew (2012). The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic ~ How Engaging 1% of Catholics Could Change the World”. Beacon Publishing. Pp12, 13.