Christian Service Commission

The Christian Service Commission exists as a model and resource of Catholic social teaching to enable our entire parish community to put the social teaching of the Church into action.  The Commission empowers members of our parish to fulfill the Church's mission of love, justice, freedom and peace under the mantle of evangelization by community responding, in an organized way, to societal and individual needs.  The Commission creates and/or promotes programs that strive to address human needs and achieve justice whether locally or in the broader communities of vicariate, region, archdiocese, state, nation and world.

The Christian Service Commission consists of the following committees that help put into effect the parish vision for Christian Service: Contributions, Disability Concerns, Health Advocacy, Justice and Peace, Legislative Advocacy, Life Issues, Parish Service and Special Events. 

Christian Service Commission and Committee Membership List


Parish Staff

Rev. Tim Wezner Associate Pastor - Staff Liaison
Sr. Barbara Rund, OP Pastoral Associate


Cynthia Turchetti  Chairperson - 2018, Coffee & Donuts Chair
Rosemary Myers Vice-Chairperson, Justice & Peace Chairperson
Nancy Stolnicki Secretary, Blood Bank
Kathy Bowen Co-Chairperson, Fish Dinner
Nancy Jo Brown Chairperson, St. Vincent de Paul, SOS Chair, Fish Dinner Co-Chair
Marva Cross Chairperson, Parish Nurses Chair & Disability Concerns Chair
Christine Dagenais-McQuen Chairperson, Capuchin Bakery, Justice & Peace Rep
Marie Doyle Contributions
Lori Ervin Co-Chairperson Giving Chair
Diane Fagelman Co-Chairperson Life Issues
Elizabeth Furton  
Catherine Gulvezan Chairperson, Funeral Luncheon
Ron Hewson Chairperson, Contributions
Robert Kendell Ladies of Charity Representative, Legislative Advocacy
Beverly Miller Evangelization Committee Representative
Sandy Reso Altar Guild Rep
Linda Seng Co-Chairperson, Life Issues
Heather Smith Co-Chairperson, Giving Tree



The Christian Service Commission strives to implement Catholic Social Teaching as we address human needs and work for justice both locally and in the world community. 

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