Parish Pastoral Council Members

Parish Staff

Pastor  Msgr. Anthony M. Tocco  
Associate Pastor Rev. Dominic Macioce  
Pastoral Associate Sr. Barbara Rund, OP Staff Liaison
Permanent Deacon Dc. Oscar Brown  


Martha Carter  
  Barbara Hackel Education Commission Chair
  Laurie MacMichael  
  John Reider  


Linda Clarke Evangelization Committee Chair
  Nancy Lentini  
  Dan Paton  
  Lee Redman  


Thomas Bowen Worship Chair
  Dr. Robert Facca  
  Megan Davidson Parish Pastoral Council Chair
  Judy Martinek  
  Michael Miller Stewardship Chair


Michael Venos South Oakland Vicariate Rep - 2018
  Cynthia Turchetti Christian Service Chair

Ongoing Appointments

  Marie Doyle Secretary
  Kevin Fanning  Parish Finance Council Chairperson
  TBD Religious Representative







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The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to be the primary visioning body of the parish, assisting the pastor in determining the overall mission of the parish. An essential aspect of such visioning is the work of evangelization, which inspires all that the parish does and is to be the foundation of its very identity.

"If the diocesan bishop judges it opportune after he has heard the presbyteral council, a pastoral council is to be established in each parish, over which the pastor presides and in which the Christian faithful, together with those who share in pastoral care by virtue of their office in the parish, assist in fostering pastoral activity." (Canon 536)