Evangelization Committee

The work of evangelization is central to the mission of every parish and every member of the parish. For that reason, it needs to be kept at the heart of all parish visioning and planning, which means the Parish Pastoral Council has to find a way to keep a focus on evangelization in all that the parish Pastoral Council does. 

The Evangelization Committee is a direct subcommittee of the Parish Pastoral Council. The Evangelization Committee is not an oversight committee to which the Parish Pastoral Council or other groups have to answer. Rather, it is a committee that serves as a resource for the work of the Parish Pastoral Council, and tries to energize all groups within the parish for the work of evangelization. The Evangelization Committee is encouraged to have a representative on each of the four commissions. The Evangelization Committee is an umbrella for the total evangelizing efforts of the parish. A member of the Pastoral Staff will serve as the evangelization coordinator who is experienced in evangelization and is educated in the Church’s teaching on the New Evangelization. 

The Evangelization Committee works directly with the pastor, the pastoral staff, Parish Pastoral Council and the parish commissions to ensure that evangelization is the parish priority and is integrated into all areas of parish life. 

The Evangelization Committee will strive to put into effect the parish vision for evangelization.


Evangelization Committee Membership List


Parish Staff

Pastoral Associate Sr. Barbara Rund, OP (Staff Liaison)


Linda Clarke Chairperson - 2019
Beverly Miller Christian Service Representative
Nancy Jo Brown Education Representative
Cindy Graham Stewardship Representative
Sharon Lucas Worship Representative
Dr. Mark J. Scapini  
Joellen Shortley  






The Evangelization Committee will serve as a catalyst for the total evangelizing effort in the parish.

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