Lighthouse Catholic Media

A new resource available in the Church Gathering Space. Inspirational Catholic CDs that will build up your faith in God and give you inspiration in your life.
With the huge demands on our time from work, school, and countless other activities, when do we get an opportunity to really learn and grow in our Catholic Faith?  You can now learn about a variety of vital topics like marriage, raising children, catholic spirituality, why go to Mass or read the Bible, why be Catholic, all at your own convenience.  You can listen at home, while driving in your car to work, going shopping, or even while working out.  The CDs have English and Spanish titles.
The idea behind this ministry is very simple:
1. We are busy people so these CDs are convenient because you can listen to them anytime, anywhere.
2. The second idea is to keep the cost very low so that people can listen and then pass the CDs onto others. Many of us know people who have left the Church or who aren't Catholic - maybe a son or daughter, a spouse, a parent, sibling, or friend. Did you know that 53% of Catholics come home to the Church because someone handed them a CD or a book?
So here's how this works:
  • This type of CD is typically $7-$10 each if purchased at a store or at many places online.  We suggest a donation of just 3 dollars for each CD to help cover the cost.  All donations stay at the church to buy new titles.
  • CD's and books make great gifts.
  • Listen to 1-2 a week during road trips.
  • Stop by after Mass and review the resources.
One of our Lighthouse speakers, Mathew Kelly, often says: "Our lives Change when our habits Change."
We invite you to listen to these CDs. Then pass them on to those you care about and live with passion and purpose.