St. Hugo of the Hills Wedding Policy

effective January 15, 1997

You may celebrate your wedding at St. Hugo of the Hills Parish:

  • If you are currently an active member registered at St. Hugo of the Hills Parish living within the parish boundaries.

  • If you are a registered member who lives outside of the parish boundaries, you must be a registered and active member of the parish for one (1) full year, giving of your time, talent, and treasure, before you will be allowed to set a wedding date.

    You are then (after a full year’s membership) subject to the six (6) month preparation period before a wedding can be celebrated. 

    The total waiting period for a wedding for people who register in our parish but do not live within our boundaries is eighteen (18) months.

  • If you are a son or daughter of a currently registered member of St. Hugo of the Hills Parish, within all of the above conditions.

  • Individuals may not register at St. Hugo of the Hills Parish for the sole purpose of being married in this parish.

  • St. Hugo does not rent out either the Chapel or Church for weddings or the parish hall for wedding receptions.