St. Hugo’s is happy to announce that we are now offering a Text-to-Give option for donating to regular offertory and special funds.  You can text an amount to 248-331-8816 to donate to the regular offertory.

Please Note: If you are a first time ONLINE GIVING user you will need to input some inital information in order to complete the donation. This information is secured through OSV.

To donate to the weekly offertory, simply type the offertory amount (with no $ sign) to 248-331-8816.
For example, text:   25  To:
(248) 331-8816


Additionally you can text an amount plus a key word to donate to any of the following funds: 

Fund Key Word
Tuition Angels Fund angels
Parish Security Fund security

For example to donate $100 to the Tuition Angels fund text: 
 100 angels  to 248-331-8816

The first time you use the Text-to-Give option, you will be prompted to set up an online account or link to your existing online account.   Subsequently whenever you use Text-to-Give, your donation will be processed immediately and you will receive a confirmation.