Photography Policy

St. Hugo of the Hils Photography Policy
Approved March 28 2022
          Please call to reserve a time (248) 644-5460 Monday – Friday 8:30-4:30.


We have established the following policies to ensure that St. Hugo’s can continue to fulfill our mission of evangelizing and proclaiming the Good News that Jesus Christ is Lord:

  • All photography sessions must be scheduled with our parish office. This is done by calling the Parish office. Sessions are limited to one hour, except those with booked weddings at the St. Hugo Chapel or Church (they may have as much time as is needed). No sessions will be scheduled on the calendar until the agreement is completed on the website and submitted to the Parish Office.
  • All sessions are to be confirmed 2-3 days before the scheduled session to verify that there are no funerals or other events occurring (photographers must call to confirm appointment).
  • No photographs may be taken inside any buildings or in the columbarium (cemetery) area.  Only booked wedding parties and their photographers may take pictures inside the Chapel and the Church, and only during the time reserved for their wedding at St. Hugo.
  • Due to the safety and security of our staff, students, and parishioners no drones are allowed on our campus.
  • No music or amplified sounds are allowed.
  • Everyone must remain on pathways and/or grassy turf at all times.
  • Do not stand on pond banks or rocks.
  • Do not disturb or remove plants.
  • Do not move any furniture or fixtures on the grounds.
  • Photography sessions should not disrupt parishioner access, employee access, special events or pedestrian flow.
  • Do not block any entrances, pathways, or driveways.
  • For the safety of all visitors, please be mindful of cords and equipment that pose a hazard.
  • No smoking is permitted, including vaping and e-cigarettes.
  • No alcohol is allowed on the grounds.
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn. Changing of clothes in the Chapel bathroom is NOT permitted
  • Photographs must be for personal use only and may not be sold, used for promotion or advertising, or be published online or in print without prior St. Hugo of the Hills approval.
  • Any personal property brought on the grounds shall be at the sole risk of the photographer and St. Hugo shall not be liable for any loss or damage for any reason.
  • No photos should be taken of others who are not part of your party unless they have provided their consent; photos of children are prohibited without the consent of their parents.
  • Groups found violating any of our policies will be asked to end their session and will be escorted from the grounds.
  • All cars must be parked in the designated parking lots, and not in front of any church building (chapel or church).
  • When you call the office to reserve a time, please make sure to have your photographer’s name and number to provide to the office, if applicable.