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May 2022

May 30

The Indigenous — here and in Canada — deserve an apology from the Church

By: Msgr. Owen F. Campion Assuming everything comes together — COVID, his bad leg and so on — Pope Francis soon will visit Canada, specifically, parts of the country with a sizable population of Indigenous Canadians. His visit will have a special purpose. He will be in these areas to offer regret and probably to apologize to the...
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May 27

Opening the Word: Scripture answers the ‘why’ of the Ascension

By: Catherine Cavadini In Bethany, near Jerusalem, there is a small domed Church that commemorates Christ’s ascension into heaven. Inside, you can see the exact spot, marked as it is by Christ’s own footprint in the stone floor. This earthly vestige of Christ, seemingly the result of the force required to ascend to heaven, might...
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May 25

Do not be afraid to vent to God, have faith in his justice, pope says

By: Carol Glatz CNS- Pope Francis praised the way people have faced the trials and losses in their lives with a firmness of faith in God’s promises and love. “We have all known people like this. We have been impressed by their cry, but we have also stood in admiration at the firmness of their faith and love,” the pope said...
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May 23

Why I count myself blessed

By: Scott P. Richert As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated by numbers. I add, subtract, multiply and divide, do square roots and other complex calculations, all in my head and without the aid of any visual cues (including in my imagination, because I suffer from aphantasia, the inability to bring my thoughts to life in visual...
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May 20

Opening the Word: Abide in Christ

By: Father Joshua J. Whitfield How do we see God? How do we remain with God? These are the two pressing questions present in this passage from John’s Gospel that the Church gives us on the Sixth Sunday of Easter. The Church these past few weeks has drawn us back to Holy Thursday, to the words the Lord spoke to his disciples the night he...
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May 18

The power of the Living Rosary

By: Sister Nancy Usselmann Since I was a child, my family prayed the Rosary together regularly. Like most children, I found it challenging to pay attention to the constant repetition of prayers when 15 minutes seemed like an eternity! My parents tried to keep our attention, and so sometimes they had us kneel or stand to lead one Hail Mary a...
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May 16

The Catholic duty to preach the sanctity of life

By: Msgr. Owen F. Campion Publication of a purported draft in the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the constitutionality of a Mississippi statute that severely restricts abortion on demand seized the headlines. It is thought to be the first time, at least in the past century, that an internal document used in discussion among the Supreme...
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May 13

Opening the Word: Mystery of the Kingdom

By: Catherine Cavadini This week’s readings are about the Kingdom of God. We have seen what the king of this kingdom is like. He is a king who will lay his life down for a friend. On earth, this king’s kingdom is constituted by the works of merciful compassion initiated in his own incarnation, death and resurrection. Thus, the...
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May 11

Like Mary, take risks to build better world, pope tells young people

By: Junno Arocho Esteves VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Pope Francis encouraged young men and women to look to Mary as a model of courage in listening and fulfilling God’s will. “She was courageous and determined to say ‘yes’ to the Lord. You young people, who want to build something new, a better world, follow her example,...
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May 9

Many people simply don’t know what they don’t know about abortion

By: Scott Warden My wife likes to tell this story whenever she can. It usually comes up when we visit a friend or family member’s newborn baby for the first time. She tells it with a mixture of delight and “can you believe I married this idiot?” in her voice. But let me set the stage first, and then I’ll share the story....
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May 6

Opening the Word: Hearing the call of the Good Shepherd

By: Father Joshua J. Whitfield “The word of God is never silent — though it is not always heard,” St. Augustine once preached, touching upon what is really at the heart of the spiritual life. And that is, to listen to God. It’s been God’s plea since the beginning, ever since he called out to the first man and woman...
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May 4

A pro-life witness from the young ones in the roost

By: Gretchen R. Crowe Once again this spring, our family is blessed to be preparing to welcome another member. As we get closer to D-Day (B-Day?), every “third child” stereotype is playing out in our home. The nursery isn’t ready; no tiny clothes have been washed and neatly folded in drawers; no diapers have been purchased; the...
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May 2

The incredible story of Father Walter Ciszek

By: Msgr. Owen F. Campion For tourists, even for pilgrims, the headquarters of the Society of Jesus, or Jesuits, in Rome is off the beaten path. It is nothing special in a city filled with landmarks. Rather ordinary in function, history and purpose, it houses officials of the Jesuits, Jesuits working in various jobs in the Vatican and the...
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