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June 21-June 23, 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017,     9:00 am to 6:00 pm          Hourly specials

Friday, June 23, 2017,               9:00 am to Noon       1/2 Price and Bag sale

Volunteer Opportunities at St. Hugo


SOS will be at St. Hugo the week of July 30th through August 6th. 

HELP!  Not just anyone - HELP! You know that you're the one - The SOS Setup & Cleanup TEAM needs YOU!

For more information about all of the volunteer opportunities, please see our flyer.  To sign up to be a volunteer, complete the signup sheet and return it to the Parish Office, OR click on the following link to sign up online:  SOS Volunteer Sign Up.


WANTED:  Volunteers to Assist with Funeral Lunches

  • WHO:      Anyone over the age of 18
  • WHEN:    Following 11:00 am Funerals
  • WHERE:  St. Hugo Parish Hall
  • WHAT:    Monthly Phone Caller, Set Up Crew, Host/Hostess, Servers, Clean Up Crew

This very important ministry is greatly appreciated by the families of the deceased.   If you are looking for a chance to give of your time and talent, please call Cathy Gulvezan at 248-302-1017 and please leave a message.  Thank you for your consideration.

Scheduling Events on the Parish Calendar

Beginning July 2, parish groups may request to use the St. Hugo facilities from July 15, 2017 through July 31, 2018.  There is no automatic rescheduling.  A new “Facility Set-Up Sheet” must be submitted, even if you had a regularly recurring event this past year. Please note in order for the staff to attend to major maintenance needs during the summer, the parish hall and meeting rooms will have limited availability during June 15 through August 15.


For your event to be scheduled on the calendar, a “Facility Set-Up Sheet” must be submitted for each reservation request. The “Facility Set-Up Sheet” form is available in the parish office, here on the website by clicking on the Quick Links button, or by clicking on the "schedule an event" button above.  No event will be scheduled in the parish calendar until a “Facility Set-Up Sheet” is received and approved by the parish calendar committee. 


The parish has an approved priority order for the scheduling of events.

         Events to be scheduled before July 15:

  1. Liturgical celebrations and sacrament preparation meetings (Mass, Sacraments, etc.)

  2. Parish Meetings (Parish and Finance Councils, commissions, committees of the Parish and Finance councils or commissions, (Parish picnic, town hall meeting, parish events, etc.)

  3. Staff programs of formation and ministry (Religious Education, School, Adult Faith Formation and Evangelization, Youth Ministry, Choirs, Protecting God’s Children, Catechist Formation, etc.)

  4. Archdiocesan or Vicariate Meetings (with prior approval from the Pastoral Associate who will consult with the Pastor and Associate Pastor)

    Events to be scheduled after July 15:

  5. Other parish groups (Altar Guild, Ushers, Scouts, etc.)

  6. Outside parish groups (with prior approval from the Pastoral Associate who will consult with the Pastor and Associate Pastor)


    If you have a question, please contact the Parish Administrative Assistant (Ruth Whitesell) by phone 248-644-5460 or email ruth.whitesell@sthugo.org




To contribute to this year's appeal, CSA 2017, online,

please click on the CSA logo above.




Parish Calendar

To get started or make changes to your Online Giving account, click the link above.



Saturday     June 24, 2017

  5:00 PM       Fr. Tim


Sunday        June 25, 2017

  7:00 AM       Msgr. Tony

  8:00 AM       Msgr. Tony

10:00 AM       Fr. Joe

12:00 Noon    Fr. Joe

  5:00 PM       Fr. George


6:10 AM Mon - Fri in the Chapel
8:30 AM Mon - Sat in the Chapel
during the school year, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Church

Saturday, 3:30-4:30 PM in the church 

Low-Gluten Hosts are available.

In the Church at the regular Communion time, go to the sacristan table located near the big cross, and the sacristan will distribute Communion to you.  In the Stone Chapel, ask the sacristan when and where to receive Communion.

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Wi Fi available at St. Hugo Church

Sunshine Corner!


Feel free to come in and visit with Sunshine on Sunday mornings after Mass in the Parish Office.